We bring the power of technology for early-stage plant disease detection

Agriculture 4.0

Early Stage Disease

We alert farmers when the infections are still controllable and prevent the propagation of diseases.

Hyper/Multispectral Technology

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Our Solution

TomaCare is a digital monitoring system for Early -stage disease detection in greenhouse crop production based on proximal sensing and Artificial Intelligence algorithm. It is an easy-to-use system that could be simply integrated in the greenhouses infrastructures and platforms.

Our Technology

Tomacare leverages a combination of technologies from hyperspectral and multispectral imagery to Artificial intelligence and agronomy to develop customized digital agronomy solutions to address our customers and partners needs.


TomaCare captures plant signals that are invisible to the human eyes, using hyper and multispectral technology which allow monitoring the earliest stages of plant-stress and decreases in the photosynthetic activities.

Our solution provides a dashboard to farmers in order to monitor the plants’ state in real time and alerts them when the infections are still manageable.

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