Tech-Care of your Land

We use technology for sustainable agriculture.

We provide precision agriculture services to:

  • monitor crops
  • prevent stress 
  • control plant requirements (pesticide, water, and fertilization) 
  • improve land efficiency
  • optimize pesticide needs

Trageted use

pesticide, water, and fertilization to optimize costs and minimize environmrntal impact  


Early detection

of diseases and weeds to reduce potential crop losses


Better prediction

and early mitigation of risks throughout the growing season

Our Solution


TomaCrae is a digital monitoring system for Early-stage disease detection in greenhouse crop production based on proximal sensing and AI technologie

The benefits :

  • Cost reduction due to optimal usage of resources (crop inputs, water, manual labor, etc.)
  • Yield increases due to targeted and timely crop treatment and better usage of crop inputs (nutrients), etc.
  •  Reduction of losses related to diseases, pests and weeds
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Our Technology

See the unseen

Humans’ eyes can detect stressed plants only once pests are visible.
It Is probably too late, and the infection has already spead.
Hyperspectral imaging capture the invisible reflected signals in the near-infrared and beyound.
Then, we generate plant signatures that differentiate between healthy and stressed plants and alert farmers when the infections are still controllable.


Collecting data

Using up to date drone, airplane, and satellite based remote sensing imagery of your fields, along with the corresponding historicale climate and weather records

Applying analysis

We apply crop, variety and region specific analysis of the acquired data using comprehensive crop models and artificial intelligence to produce detailed information about crop technology and physiological traits

Creating maps

Our analysis generates detailed maps that charaterise specific agronomic issues, including nutrient deficiencies, disease infections, as well as pest and weed infestations


We provide trageted and tailored recommendations for optimum management and treatment of your land and crops

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